How do I Choose the Best Laundry Trolley?

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The best laundry trolley is one that suits your needs and fits your budget. Find this trolley by determining where and how you plan to use it, and then comparing affordable models that fit those needs. If you’re shopping online and can’t check a trolley’s quality yourself, be sure to look for customer reviews and ratings.

Before you begin shopping for a laundry trolley, think about which category of customer you fit in. The first category includes those people who will use their trolleys for individual, private use at home or at a coin laundry service. People who purchase trolleys for these reasons tend to choose smaller, lightweight models they can easily transport. The second includes businesses, like owners of coin laundry services that provide complimentary trolleys to customers and hotels that regularly launder large loads of towels and linens. People in this category typically purchase trolleys larger and more durable than those for private use.


Consider the exact functions you need your laundry trolley to perform. For example, if you only need to transport clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, a simple rolling laundry basket with one or two compartments might suffice. On the other hand, if you want to transport clothes as well as laundry accessories such as detergent, bleach, and fabric softener, you should look for a trolley with compartments as well as shelves or racks. This is especially true if you plan to use your trolley at home and want the item to function as an organizational tool for your laundry room. Also keep in mind that many laundry trolleys are made with hanger bars for hanging clothes that can’t be dried in a machine, wrinkle quickly, or are simply ready to be put back in the closet.

Just as laundry trolleys can serve a variety of functions, they also can come in a variety of styles. Most trolleys have wheels, and those with wheels that turn in every direction are the easiest to maneuver. Some laundry trolley wheels are fixed with locking mechanisms so you can make sure your trolley stays in place when you’re not transporting it. Also take time to browse the different materials used for manufacturing laundry trolleys. Depending on your needs and personal style, you might prefer trolleys made of metal, fabric, plastic, or some combination of those.

For many, doing laundry is a weekly chore. Therefore, you need a laundry trolley durable enough to withstand frequent and repeated use, as well as travel, if you use coin laundry services. You can check the quality of the trolleys you’re considering in a variety of ways. For example, if you’re shopping at a store that sells home laundry equipment, look for floor models or ask a sales representative if you can view the trolley out of its packaging. Shopping online makes things a bit trickier, but you can look for customer reviews, especially those that discuss the manufacturing of the trolley in a positive or negative way.

You need a laundry trolley that will meet not only your function needs, but also your budget needs. Trolleys can vary in price from $10 US Dollars (USD) to more than $100 USD. Naturally, the less expensive trolleys are simpler in design and, depending on the trolley, could be of poorer quality or not sturdy enough to withstand your needs. Your goal is to find a trolley that strikes a balance between your laundry needs and your price range. Spend plenty of time browsing several retail venues that specialize in laundry accessories and equipment.



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