How do I Choose the Best Laundry Hangers?

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As you are considering different laundry hangers, you should look for ones that can support the amount of laundry you need and can work in the area you have to use. You should typically consider portable, often collapsible, hangers that you can easily utilize in different locations, or permanent hangers that are installed in a particular area. Any hanger system you choose should allow you to hang dry a sufficient amount of clothes you are likely to need each week. You should also consider the best types of laundry hangers on which you hang particular garments, like shirt hangers.

Laundry hangers are items used for hanging clothing and other laundered items, allowing them to dry. The heat of a dryer can potentially damage or shrink certain items, especially clothing or older linens that may be made from delicate fabrics and materials. While line drying may take longer, it is preferable in some situations to utilize laundry hangers for hanging clothing to dry, rather than using a machine dryer.


The best laundry hangers for your needs typically depend on your particular situation, and the amount of space you may have available. If you have an entire room you can utilize for hanging laundry, such as a basement or spare room, then you may want to consider a permanent hanging system. This usually consists of lines of coated fiber or metal cord strung across a space and over which clothing and linens can be hung. Such systems often require permanent installation, at least of hardware on which the lines can be connected, so they are not always ideal.

Portable laundry hangers can be more practical in some situations, but typically do not provide as much hanging space. These types of hangers often consist of a series of racks and bars, over which laundry can be hung while drying. There are also portable hangers that feature only a single bar, often raised far off the ground, on which clothes hangers can then be placed to allow laundry to hang during or after drying.

Laundry hangers can also refer to clothes hangers that are typically used for hanging shirts and pants, which can help prevent creases. Shirt hangers should be chosen that are durable and feature a smooth shape to avoid leaving a lasting impression on a shirt that is hung on it. Laundry hangers for pants often use clips to hold the pants in place, though heavy shirt hangers can be used by draping the pants over the hanger.



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I found hangers in a catalog that were green and made of plastic. There was a place to hang pants but more importantly they were wide to allow air to circulate around the sweater or tee shirt. They were very thick with great shoulders. I have looked on the internet with no luck. I guess that catalog is gone and I will never see those wonderful hangers again. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

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