How Do I Choose the Best Laundry Line?

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You may want to consider many factors before purchasing a laundry line. How much laundry you do at one time is a primary consideration because it will help you determine the length of the line. You also may discover that you need multiple lines to accommodate a large volume of laundry. The laundry line that will suit your needs also could be small or portable, particularly if you have very little laundry to do or wish to bring the line with you when traveling.

It is important to consider where you will hang the laundry line. Different types of laundry lines are designed for use outdoors, indoors, or both. If you want to hang the line outside, consider the type of weather in the area in which you live. Cold winters may become problematic if you wish to place the line outdoors, and you may want an indoor drying option for the winter season. An outdoor line may be suitable all year in warm climates with mild winters.


Think about how much space you have available if you intend to purchase an outdoor laundry line. If you have a large backyard area, you may have many options when considering what type of laundry line you want. Many people need several lines to accommodate all the items they need to dry. Other people only need a single line because they do not have much laundry to deal with or only air dry certain items. Multiple lines may be most suitable if you have enough space for installation and air dry a considerable amount of laundry.

If using a laundry line indoors, such as in a laundry room, you may not have as much space as you would in an outdoor setting. For small spaces, retractable laundry lines are a popular choice. After installing a retractable line to a wall, you can pull the cord to the desired length and attach it to another wall or surface, detaching it when not in use. Many people find the items advantageous because they take up less space.

Retractable laundry lines are also available for outdoor use. For small backyards, a retractable line may be more appealing than a permanent laundry line. Some people also prefer retractable outdoor lines because they do not like the look of the permanent type.

You also may want to consider installation before choosing laundry lines. Think about how much time it might take to install or set up the type of line you wish to purchase. Some laundry lines, such as models designed for travel, may require no work at all to set up and could be a good option if you want a hassle-free installation.



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