What Are the Best Tips for Corporate Event Planning?

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Planning a corporate event is not unlike planning any other party, but on a much larger scale. By following the right tips, corporate event planning can be managed effectively. The best tips for corporate event planning include determining the date and location for the event, the entertainment and music, food and beverages, the number of guests, and how people will be notified of the event.

The first element of corporate event planning is setting the date and location for the event. Depending on the type of event, it can be held outdoors in the warm months, or indoors for a corporate holiday event. Often, the corporate fiscal year will also determine when the event can be held. Projects tend to slow down immediately following tax time and people are more apt to take time off for recreation.

A second tip for corporate event planning is to line up the local entertainment and music for the event well in advance. Entertainment vendors tend to get busy during peak seasons, so it’s good to interview and get bids at least five to six months ahead of time. This assures that any booking fees can be paid upfront and the date will be set.


Another tip for creating a corporate event to remember is getting the food and beverage vendors set up ahead of time. It can be preferable to work with local catering and restaurant services, as they have a tendency to be reliable. Make sure that any catering firm you use has a large staff available to handle the crowd at the event, and give guests plenty of variety of foods and drinks to choose from. Buffet and grill style foods are best for outdoor summertime events, while more formal sit-down dinners are the preference for indoor and holiday corporate events.

Getting a head count when planning corporate events is very important as well. Make sure to alert managers about the approximate date of the corporate party well in advance so that they can let their employees know about it and get an initial count. Then determine how corporate invitations will be sent out and tracked. Email can be a nice way to do this, but is not 100% reliable as not everyone will respond. Getting supervisors to help with the head count ensures all guests have enough space, food, and beverages at the business event.



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