How Do I Become a Recreation Supervisor?

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A recreation supervisor is a person who oversees recreational programs for any population in a controlled setting. Several ways to become a recreation supervisor exist, and for most positions, you will need to graduate from high school and go onto a college education in parks and recreation. In other cases, a high school education plus some specialty training may allow you to become a recreation supervisor; a supervisor at a baseball summer camp, for example, may not need a college degree but will need specific experience in baseball skills and knowledge, as well as some supervisory experience or knowledge.

In addition to specific training in a supervisory capacity, a candidate is likely to need first aid and CPR training in order to become a recreation supervisor. Accidents may occur in recreational settings, and the supervisor may be directly responsible for providing some types of first aid to participants. A commercial driver's license may also be required for some jobs, as the supervisor may need to drive large vans or other large vehicles to transport people or materials over various types of terrain. A passion for recreational activities and a true desire to work with a wide variety of people will be necessary to become a recreation supervisor.


In order to become a recreation supervisor for a city or town, or for a specific business, it is likely that you will need to take part in a college degree program or certification program that will teach you the skills necessary to be successful in the position. This may mean completing a degree in parks and recreation, thereby qualifying you for supervisory positions. It may also mean getting an associate's degree rather than a bachelor's degree; it helps to research various jobs you would be interested in applying for and taking note of the qualifications listed in the job description.

Once you complete your education, it may be necessary to start with an entry-level position in the field. You will work with other recreation employees and answer to a supervisor. This is a good opportunity to gain real experience in the field and build your resume so you can apply for supervisory positions later on. Be sure to work hard and display a positive work ethic, as this is likely to improve your chances of getting promoted within a company. It will also ensure you will be able to get letters of recommendation when applying for supervisory positions.



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