What are Stereo Ear Plugs?

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Stereo ear plugs are a great choice for music buffs. They can be plugged into most portable music devices to provide in-ear sound on the go. Ear plugs are also sold for a variety of purposes besides listening to music. Snoring relief, sound masking, and keeping ears dry while swimming are some of the most common uses.

The ability to listen to music privately has been around for several decades, but the heavy old headphones of last century are out. Earbuds and stereo ear plugs have made it possible to listen to music anywhere, without all the weight. An ear plug in each ear does away with most of the headphone’s bulk, but allows the sound to be jacked up to any desired level. Certain types of ear plugs are designed to reduce outside sound somewhat, and others promise complete noise blockage.

The most common use for stereo ear plugs is to listen to music without disturbing others. College students in dorm rooms across the globe can decide individually what kind of tunes they would like to hear without having to compensate for the musical taste of roommates. The tunes can be cranked up to any desired volume level, and music can play all night long while others sleep.


Another good reason to use stereo ear plugs is to block out undesirable loud noises. Snoring is a classic example. A recent advance in snoring relief has produced a type of ear plugs that block outside noises almost entirely. They are completely wireless, with individual ear plugs worn in each ear. The plugs reduce incoming sounds by about 75 percent, while also producing a soothing white noise to mask any remaining sounds.

Many bicycle and motorcycle riders enjoy using stereo ear plugs to listen to music while riding. Individual earbuds can provide entertainment and companionship on a long ride. They can also help to lessen the road noise associated with bike travel.

Doctors warn that listening to excessively loud noise can irrevocably damage a person’s hearing. Workers on the tarmac at every airport in the world can be seen wearing ear protection for that reason. Several professional rock musicians have spoken up about using ear plugs to reduce the sound levels at concerts, and many musicians can be seen wearing ear protection while performing. Fans are urged to tone down the music when listening with stereo ear plugs at home.

Ear plugs that muffle sounds are quite effective at keeping noises at bay. They cannot offer the entertainment possibilities of an in-ear sound system, however. When boredom hits or when outside sounds are just too much to bear, stereo ear plugs offer relief in the form of music, talk radio, or white noise.



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