What are Soft Ear Plugs?

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Soft ear plugs are ear protection that are utilized in many situations where the constant level of noise could cause some type of permanent hearing damage. Because options such as foam ear plugs are soft and pliable, they can easily adjust to fit any ear size. These types of ear plugs are often favored in situations where there is a need to keep disposable yet reusable ear plugs on hand, such as in a textile or other manufacturing plant.

Using soft ear plugs is a relatively easy task. With the foam types, the body of the earplug is rolled between the thumb and the index finger, compressing the foam enough to allow easy insertion into the ear canal. Once in place, the foam begins to expand and fill in the space, creating a protective seal. Even soft ear plugs that are foam filled and constructed with a soft plastic body are normally manufactured with a design that will conform to the shape of the ear canal and create a credible seal.

The soft ear plugs are usually large enough to prevent the possibility of inserting the plug too deeply in the ear. Some designs for the plugs also include a plastic string that is attached to the outer end of the earplugs. This makes it possible to extract the plugs by simply pulling on the string.


In construction, most types of soft ear plugs are constructed with a synthetic foam material that can expand to provide a credible seal for the ear. By inserting an ear plug into the ear, it is possible to minimize the level of noise that reaches the eardrum. This can be especially important when working in an environment where the decibel range of the workplace is consistently at a dangerous level. Wearing earplugs is a requirement in many factory situations, owing to the noise generated by the heavy machinery. In situations where earplugs are necessary in order to comply with company regulations, the employer usually provides soft ear plugs at no charge to the employees.

Along with work situations, there are other instances when the use of soft ear plugs might be beneficial. Around the home, the plugs may help when a spouse snores. While the plugs provide no snoring relief for the person who does the snoring, the companion or spouse can use the soft ear plugs to minimize the impact of the snoring on the eardrums and thus have a better chance of drifting off to sleep.

Water ear plugs can be useful in the home and by the pool as well. For people who are prone to ear infections, using soft ear plugs while taking a shower may help minimize irritation to the interior of the ear and make it easier to treat the infections. The water ear plugs will also help to keep chlorinated water from entering the ear while swimming, which can also help to eliminate one more source of ear irritation.

Soft ear plugs are also helpful for professional musicians. When the onstage music is very loud, the decibel level can be dangerous to the mechanism of the ear. Wearing musician ear plugs helps to block part of the noise and decrease the potential for permanent damage.

There are a number of other situations where the use of soft ear plugs is a good idea. Wearing the plugs while on a shooting range will provide protection from loud bursts of gunfire. A set of soft ear plugs can help to protect individuals when attending concert events that include loud music and an exuberant audience. Fortunately, soft ear plugs are very inexpensive, making it practical as well as useful to keep them around the house.



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