What are Corded Ear Plugs?

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Corded ear plugs are pairs of ear plugs attached with the use of a vinyl or plastic cord. These reusable ear plugs are often employed in manufacturing situations and other production facilities where employees must move from one section of the facility to another. The presence of the cord makes it possible to quickly remove the plugs from the ears when moving into an area that is relatively quiet, and just as easily return the plugs to the ears when going back into a noisy section of the facility.

One of the more common examples of these industrial corded ear plugs are constructed with foam plugs attached with a flexible plastic cord. These simple foam ear plugs are capable of fitting snugly into the ears of both men and women and are likely to last for some time. Because they tend to be very inexpensive, employers who require their workers to wear some type of ear protection can supply the ear protection to every employee without incurring a great deal of expense.


Corded ear plugs can also function very well as musician ear plugs. For example, a musician appearing on stage who does not want to be distracted by noise from the audience can insert the ear plugs while playing. Once the song or the set is over, he or she can easily slip the plugs out of the ears and allow them to dangle around the neck, thanks to the cord. This keeps the corded ear plugs easily accessible when it is time to use them later in the performance.

Another potential application for corded ear plugs is found on the shooting range. The plugs are slipped into place while the firearms are engaged, and can be easily removed from the ears between sessions. Once it is time to begin shooting again, there is no fumbling in the pocket to find the ear plugs. The presence of the cord makes it possible to simply drape the corded plugs around the neck and retrieve them in seconds when needed.

Corded ear plugs are only one of many different types of ear plugs, and are not ideal for every situation. Some models will not work well with hearing aids, as the cord may interfere with the proper insertion of the aid. In like manner, using corded ear plugs for snoring relief may not be the best option, as the cord may be pulled during the usual tossing and turning many people do during sleep. As the cord is pulled from movements, the ear plug can pop out of the ear and no longer muffle the sound of a snoring spouse or bedmate.



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