What are Libido Supplements?

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Libido supplements are products consumed for the purpose of increasing sex drive. Both sexes may experience low sex drive, and companies make libido supplements that are designed for both men and women. Though there are some products than can be taken by both sexes, many companies make separate products for men and women. This is because of the natural differences in the way male and female bodies and responses work. Some supplements are thought to be more effective for a particular sex rather than equally helpful for both genders.

Basically, libido is the desire a person has for sex. Libido varies from person to person, and common differences are often noted among people of different genders and ages. For example, sex drive may diminish as a person ages. Additionally, there are major differences in the way sex drive works in males and females. Male libido is often said to derive mostly from physiological factors while female sex drive is said to be more rooted in psychological factors.


Often, a woman’s libido is affected by a complex range of factors. For example, it is often affected by stress in her life as well as her body image. If a woman is dealing with relationship conflicts or suffering from a hormonal imbalance, her sex drive may be diminished, and aging and social factors can influence it as well. When libido is affected by these or other factors, libido supplements may help give a woman a boost. Among the libido supplements that are often recommended for women are St. John’s Wort, black cohosh, and Ginkgo biloba; dong quai and damiana are often recommended for boosting female libido as well.

In men, low libido is often physical in nature, and it may be related to obesity, a range of health problems, and drug or alcohol abuse. Some men may experience low libido because of low testosterone levels or in relation to a poor diet. Just like women, however, men may also experience lower sex drive when dealing with stress, especially that caused by relationship problems. Depression, poor sleeping habits, and aging may contribute to it as well. Among the libido supplements a man may take to help increase his desire for sex are ginseng, L-arginine, zinc, maca, and Ginkgo biloba.

Before taking libido supplements, a person may do well to see a doctor first. A doctor may examine him and perform tests to rule out hormonal imbalances and health conditions that may linger even if a person is taking supplements. Additionally, a doctor may advise a patient about whether are not libido supplements are safe for him to take.



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