What can I do About a Loss of Libido?

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Although loss of libido tends to be more prevalent among women, it happens to both sexes. If you are dealing with this problem, you should not feel that you are an isolated case. You should also avoid feeling helpless because there are things you can do to positively impact the situation. Schedule a doctor’s visit if you believe there is a physical problem. If you believe the cause is the result of relationship or lifestyle issues, take the necessary steps to correct them.

There are a number of physical factors that have been linked to loss of libido, such as breastfeeding, low testosterone levels, and improper diet. Some physical causes may be easier to correct than others, but most can be treated. If you believe your loss of libido is related to any type of physical or medical problem, you should schedule an appointment with your physician. Do not hide the real motive for your visit by acting as if you are just there to get a regular checkup. Let the doctor know you are concerned that something has caused your sexual desire to decrease.


You must also consider the possibility that there is nothing wrong with your body. According to many relationship and sex counselors, it is common for relationships to reach a point where one or both partners lose their sexual desire. This could be a natural phase or it could result from problems in the relationship. Depending on the cause of the problems and the extent of the trauma, repairing your relationship may require counseling. If the loss of libido is just a phase, you can vary your routine and engage in stimulating activities such as dancing, skinny dipping, or watching erotic movies.

Your lifestyle could also be the cause of your loss of libido. Two things that can severely affect your sex drive are drugs and alcohol. If you regularly consume a significant amount of these items, you may want to stop or at least reduce your intake and see if your situation changes. Know, however, that some prescription drugs can also affect your sex drive. If this is the cause and the problem persists, you may want to ask your doctor if there are alternative treatments available.

Also, be aware of your stress level. It can be very difficult to be interested in sex when you are burdened with loads of mental pressure. If you know that you are stressed out, try to find a means of relief, such as exercising or scheduling leisure activities. Making positive changes in your life can result in positive changes in your level of sexual desire.



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