What Are Feather Hair Extensions?

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Feather hair extensions involve adding real feathers to one’s hair to create an individual, stylistic look. These feathers are added to the hair in a manner similar to regular hair extensions, through application by glue or by braiding or clipping them in. Application often involves crimping a metal hook, which is used to attach the extensions to a piece of the wearer's real hair. At-home, clip-in feather hair extensions can easily be placed or removed by the wearer, and some at-home feather hair extensions are accompanied by a do-it-yourself tool kit to aid in the application process. More permanent versions of feather hair extensions can be added by professional hair stylists.

Stylists almost always use real feathers in the hair; synthetic feather extensions are rare. The extension is added by a specialized hook-and-clamp method or by adhesive chemicals. The clamp is often masked by a colored bead that is coordinated to match the hair or the feather extension. Most wearers opt for just one or two feather extensions to complement the hair, so the extension application process is quick.

One advantage to feather hair extensions is that they can be worn and styled like regular hair and do not require special care. The extensions can be washed, blow-dried and curled along with the rest of one’s natural hair. Feather hair extensions typically last six to eight weeks. After the extension begins to loosen from the hair, the same feathers can be used to reapply the extension if desired.


Feather hair extensions come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The feathers are usually bunched in groups of five to seven feathers, often in matching or coordinating colors. Feathers are often dyed bright colors, such as pink or purple, to give a more drastic contrast between the feathers and the wearer’s real hair. The extensions can vary in length and might be as long as 16 inches (40 cm).

The popularity of these extensions has expanded beyond humans; feather hair extensions are available for dogs as well. Canine extensions are shorter than those intended for humans, usually 2-6 inches (5-15 cm). Extensions for dogs are applied with a simple clip. Upscale dog grooming salons might carry the extensions if long-lasting wear is desired, or dog owners can clip them in at home.



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