How Do I Choose the Best Feather Hair Piece?

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Choosing the best feather hair piece depends on your needs, your style, and your budget. There are many different styles of feather hair piece in a variety of colors. These are available through online retailers, cosmetics stores, and shops which specialize in wigs and hairpieces. Be sure to check that any piece you buy is well-made and well-suited to your head and body type.

Before you begin shopping, determine what you need. If you want a small accent, you may prefer a barrette, head band, or clip-style feather hair piece. For a bolder look, you might try feather hair extensions that clip into your hair. Make sure that you know what color or colors you'd prefer, and to write that down along with the style you want. Colors that match or blend with your hair color will be more subdued, but a bright feather hair piece can draw attention to your face.

Feather hair pieces are made from synthetic and natural materials. Ecologically conscious individuals may choose a natural feather before choosing a synthetic, plastic based version, Similarly, those concerned with animal rights make prefer faux feathers to real. Whatever your preference, make a note of it along with your style needs.


Next, think about your budget. Feather hair pieces can cost as little as a couple of dollars to several hundred dollars. It all depends on the brand, style, and quality of feathers. If you're purchasing the hair piece as a trendy accessory or a costume piece, don't spend too much money on it. In a few months, you'll be out shopping for new accessories, so budget accordingly.

When you've decided on your budget and style, it is time to start shopping. The best way to find a good feather hair piece is to look at it in person and try it on. If you must shop online or through catalogs, make sure the company has a good return policy. It should allow several weeks to exchange or return an item, and not charge you additional fees. If possible, find a company that offers free shipping both ways.

When you're looking at a feather hair piece, inspect it for craftsmanship. Whether it was sewn, woven, or glued together, the seams and adhesive should not be obvious. Carefully check the feathers to make sure they are firmly attached, and check any other embellishments as well. If possible, try it on.

Consider the size of the piece in relationship to your head and body type. A larger piece will be bold, but make sure it doesn't overpower your head. If someone might mistake it for a hat, it's too big.

Next, check your notes to make sure it fits your needs and your budget. It's easy to become overwhelmed by a piece because it is beautiful and to forget what you really need. Make sure that the piece fits your style and is not over budget before you buy.



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