How Do I Choose the Best Clip-On Synthetic Hair Extensions?

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Clip-on synthetic hair extensions can be a fun and easy way to supplement an everyday hairstyle and make it more glamorous or memorable. Depending on how you plan to wear the hair extensions, you should pay attention to things like the color, texture, shape, and thickness of an extension, as well as how it can be safely styled and cared for. Also keep in mind the type of hairstyle you plan to wear with the extensions. For instance, ask yourself if you are more likely to want to clip in some colorful extensions under your hair while it is down, or if you would rather have a clip-on messy bun extension that can add volume and style to a regular bun or ponytail.

One of the first things you should decide is whether you would like to match the hair extensions with your own hair color, or if you would prefer them to contrast with your color. Many people use brightly colored clip-on synthetic hair extensions to add flashes of color underneath the rest of their hair or as an extra decoration to spice up a ponytail, bun, or other hairstyle. Others simply want to add extra strands of their own hair color to accentuate some areas or dress up a hairstyle with extra volume or curls.


A factor that varies widely among different types of hair extensions is the overall durability. Do a bit of research before you shop, and make sure to purchase clip-on synthetic hair extensions that can be styled in the way you plan on using them. Some hair extensions will handle hair products, washing, and even some heat styling such as curling or flat-ironing, while others will fade, break, or even melt.

Match the texture as closely to your natural hair as possible, unless you specifically want it to be contrasting. If you have to decide between choosing clip-on synthetic hair extensions that more closely match either your texture or your hairstyle length, choose texture before length. You can always have a hair stylist cut the extensions to match your hairstyle. Along the same lines, try to choose extensions that fit your natural hair thickness. People with thicker hair can probably get away with wearing thin extensions, but thin-haired individuals might not be able to properly conceal the larger clips under a top layer of hair, or they may find that a suddenly thick strip or two of hair amid the rest of the thinner hair looks awkward and more obviously like an extension.



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