Is There a Cure for Lower Back Pain?

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Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of conditions, so the treatment for different types of pain can certainly lead to a some sort of a cure. Some pains, however, are a result of a lasting condition, and in these cases, there is no cure for lower back pain. Most causes of lower back pain can be treated in some manner, however, to alleviate pain and ensure the ability to maintain day to day routines. The success or failure of back pain treatment ultimately depends on what is causing the pain, and what types of steps are taken to find a cure for lower back pain.

The first step in finding a cure for lower back pain is identifying what is causing the pain. Arthritis, muscle strains, sciatic nerve pain, and herniated discs in the spine are all common causes of pain in the lower back, and each condition requires a different set of steps to alleviate. Arthritis, for example, may be treated with a combination of medication and physical therapy, but even these steps may not be a complete cure for lower back pain. Arthritis does not often go away, which means pain management may be the only cure for lower back pain in this case.


Other types of pain, however, may be alleviated through certain steps to address the root problem. Sciatic nerve pain, for example, can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications and regular stretching and exercise. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary to completely address the problem. After these steps are taken, it is possible that the sufferer may find a cure for lower back pain. It is possible that the pain can recur, however, so the process may need to begin again. When the sciatic pain is caused by a herniated disc in the spine, rest and light exercise can relieve the pain after time; the disc may rupture again in the future, however, meaning the back pain may recur.

Recurring back pain should be addressed by a doctor or other professional. If the pain does not go away after rest and exercise, a more serious condition may exist, and a professional diagnosis will be necessary. In many cases, an evaluation of one's normal day to day routines will be in order; simple activities, like sitting for long periods of time, can lead to chronic pain, and the cure for lower back pain in this instance may be as simple as changing the chair in which one sits, or getting up and walking around periodically.



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