What are the Best Lower Back Pain Remedies?

Lower back pain remedies depend on the cause of the lower back pain. In many cases, lower back pain is due to poor posture, though other causes may include sciatica, an injury, a herniated disc, a strained muscle, or overuse. The best lower back pain remedies will address the cause of the problem, which means a proper diagnosis is necessary. If the pain is severe, chronic, or long-lasting, it may be necessary to see a doctor before attempting any remedies. In many cases, exercise and stretching combined with rest and perhaps over the counter painkillers is the best of the lower back pain remedies available.

Injuries such as muscle strains and even herniated discs in the spine can be treated with plenty of rest, light stretching, and strength training. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary; herniated disc surgery is considered a last resort and is only performed if the herniated disc is causing severe chronic pain or neurological issues. It is one of the more costly and invasive lower back pain remedies, but it is necessary for a very small population of back pain sufferers. Muscle strains often heal on their own, but if the muscle ruptures, then it may need to be repaired surgically.


Very often, changing one's daily habits can be the best of the lower back pain remedies available. People who sit at desks for long periods of time are prone to poor posture, so purchasing an ergonomic chair can help support the spine and keep back aches at bay. Getting up and walking around frequently will keep muscles loose and limber, preventing them from tiring too quickly and tightening. Paying attention to one's sleeping habits can also help prevent pain, as many people sleep in positions that can cause lower back pain.

Stretching and exercise is perhaps the best of any of the lower back pain remedies. As muscles tire, they tend to tighten, which can cause pain throughout the body. Strengthening core muscles — the stomach muscles, lower back muscles, groin muscles, and hip muscles — can help improve spinal support and eliminate or reduce lower back pain associated with tight or weak muscles. Weak muscles are more likely to tire quickly, which means they are more likely to tighten and cause spinal compression, which can lead to nerve pain as well as herniated discs in the spine.



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