How do I Choose the Best Cure for Nerve Pain?

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The best cure for nerve pain will depend significantly upon the cause of the nerve pain to begin with. In many cases, nerve pain is caused by compression of the nerve, which may be the result of a herniated disc in the spine, a strained or tight muscle, or a joint rubbing on the nerve. Each of these cases requires a different cure for nerve pain that will often be specific to a certain region of the body. Other nerve pain can be caused by serious issues such as tumors that may need to be remedied surgically. The first step in choosing the best cure for nerve pain is to figure out what is causing it; this often requires a visit to a doctor.


Nerve pain, sometimes known as neuralgia, can be caused by many factors. One common type of nerve pain is sciatica, which occurs when the sciatic nerve gets damaged or compressed. This nerve runs the length of each leg and originates in the lower back, which means the nerve also runs through the hips and buttocks. The nerve is situated in the back of each leg, so when sharp pain is felt in these areas, it may be the result of sciatica. The cure for nerve pain in this case may mean simply participating in a regular stretching routine as well as an exercise routine, or it may be a more complicated task such as a gait correction, posture correction, or even surgery. Doctors may recommend surgery as a cure for nerve pain if the neurological issues caused by the compressed or damaged nerve are quite serious; in some instances, the nerve pain is caused by a herniated disc that will often heal on its own, but in some cases the disc may need to be repaired surgically.

Other methods that can be a treatment, if not necessarily a cure, for nerve pain include taking medications, specifically painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds. The anti-inflammatory medications can help reduce swelling and inflammation in the parts of the body that are causing the compression. People who suffer from some types of arthritis may feel nerve pain as a result of swelling in the joints, very commonly the hips and knees. The anti-inflammatory medication can help reduce the inflammation and swelling, thereby alleviating the compression on the nerve.

Sometimes nerve pain can be caused by everyday stresses. The body suffers in countless ways when stress levels elevate, so analyzing your daily routines and making changes to reduce stress may lead to fewer or less severe occurrences of nerve pain. This is especially true if you sit at a desk all day long; as muscles tire, they tend to tighten, which can lead to compression on nerves. Lowering stress levels and taking time away from the computer desk can help prevent such muscle tightening.



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