How do I Start a Scrapbook Club?

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If you want to start a scrapbook club, you should first make sure you'll have enough time to lead the group by planning events, organizing meetings, answering questions and communicating with members. Even if you plan on holding the club bi-weekly, coordinating everything to make that happen can take up more of your time than you thought. You have to consider not only your expectations and purpose for wanting to start a scrapbook club, but those of your potential members as well.

Moms often want to join a scrapbook club to enjoy a few hours away from the home while also being able to preserve family photographs creatively in a social environment. Scrapbooking clubs can allow neighbors to get to know one another better. Another main reason scrapbooking clubs are so popular is that money can be saved on the supplies. Club members can buy popular supplies in bulk and split the cost as well as trade or borrow papers, punches, stamps and stickers. When planning your scrapbooking club, it's a good idea to consider all of the reasons why people would want to join your group.


One of your earliest club decisions should be whether you'd prefer to host the scrapbooking group in your home or alternate the meeting location between the members. You'll also need to decide how long the crafting sessions will be as well as their basic structure. The meeting days and times need to suit all members. The scrapbook club should be fun for all who join, so remember to pay attention to every member even if you have close friends or family members as part of your group.

You can distribute colorful fliers in your neighborhood as well as put them up, with permission, in local craft stores. If you'd rather not give out your phone number at first, you could use an email address to answer questions and communicate with potential members. As people decide to join your scrapbook club, you could exchange full names and phone numbers.

Emailing regular newsletters to club members is a good idea, as it can keep everyone up to date on meetings and other information. You should regularly ask for input from members to make the club pleasant for everyone. If people aren't enjoying a scrapbook club, they're likely to drop out of it without giving the real reason if they feel it will hurt the organizer's feelings. By showing you want to create a club the members want and are open to hearing their ideas, your club's membership is more likely to be successful.



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I belong to a scrapbooking club where we try to meet two times a month. There is one main person who does most of the organizing, but all the club members pitch in. We are on a rotating schedule for homes, and everybody, except the hostess, brings food. The hostess only supplies the location and drinks.

Our club really looks forward to this time and you can get so many creative ideas when everyone is sharing their scrapbooking ideas with everyone else.

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You can make starting a scrapbook club as easy or complicated as you want it to be. Most moms have extremely busy lives and the thought of organizing and planning something like this on an ongoing basis seems like too much.

The easiest thing my friends and I have done is set a date once a month just to meet at our church for a day or evening of scrapbooking. Everyone brings their scrapbooking supplies and photos and we have a great time of working and sharing.

This way nobody has to worry about getting their house ready for company and everybody brings a snack or dish to share. We are encouraged to bring other friends along who also might be interested and it is a great way to work and socialize at the same time.

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