How do I Choose the Best Scrapbook Layouts?

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Choosing the best scrapbook layouts for your needs is typically more about what you are interested in doing, than any particular process you can follow. There are, however, some general guidelines you can consider to make finding the right layouts for you easier and less time consuming. For one thing, you should consider what type of scrapbook you would like to make. It can be easier to find the right scrapbook layouts if you have a general idea of how you want your final scrapbook to look before you begin. You can then use this ultimate creative vision to help guide your search for layouts.

Scrapbook layouts are guides for the general visual appearance that a scrapbook will have. While scrapbooking templates typically refer to templates used for making individual shapes used in making the pages or cover of a scrapbook, the layout is how the completed page or cover appears. These are quite important, and scrapbook layouts will typically dictate many other aspects of the scrapbook, such as templates that might be used, types of fasteners needed, and how pictures can be incorporated into the final design.


One great way to get started in trying to find the best scrapbook layouts for your needs is to form a strong idea of how you want your scrapbook to look. You do not need to have every detail planned — after all that is probably part of why you are looking for layouts — but have a sense of how it should look and feel. Think about if you want it to have a soft or hard quality to it, and consider if you want it to be masculine, feminine or fairly gender neutral. A scrapbook that shows the construction of a new wing of your house may have a fairly utilitarian, neutral, and perhaps rough feel to it to portray the idea of construction.

Scrapbook layouts chosen for a scrapbook showing the first three months of a new baby’s life, on the other hand, would likely be softer, perhaps indicate a particular gender, and may be more decorative. Having this sense of the overall qualities you want your scrapbook to have can make finding the right scrapbook layouts easier. You might consider starting with the Internet, search for scrapbook layouts and use words that can describe the feel you want your scrapbook to have such as “girl,” “boy,” “soft,” “metal,” “blue,” “red,” “patriotic,” and any other descriptive term that fits.

It can also be helpful to search using terms that describe what your scrapbook is about. A search for “dog scrapbooking layouts” may be more helpful than one that does not include the word “dog.” You might also consider going to your local craft store and looking at books and magazines for further ideas. While buying a book may cost more than using a free layout on the Internet, the right layout for your needs is typically worth the money, especially if the book has further layout ideas you like.



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