How do I Choose the Best Free Scrapbook Templates?

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Free scrapbook templates can be an easy way to give a scrapbook a more professional, cohesive look. They may often be printed online, though some may also come on a CD with a purchased scrapbook. To choose the best free scrapbook templates for your scrapbook, consider what type of book you want to make, how you want it to look, and the types of things you want to include within the scrapbook, such as photos or journal entries.

Some people choose to create a scrapbook based around one particular event, such as for a birthday, wedding, new baby, or a holiday. The best free scrapbook templates are then those that go with the theme you are trying to create. In this case, free scrapbook templates can be very convenient, because they can ensure that all of the pages look as if they are part of a book, not just designed individually.

Of course, some scrapbooks are focused on more than just one event, and may showcase an entire year in someone's life, for example. In this case, different free scrapbook templates may be chosen for each special event. The template will often include just a background, however; any additional decorations, such as stickers, stamps, or cutouts, will generally need to be purchased separately. Scrapbooking scissors and hole punches are great for adding decorative borders to pages as well.


Aside from considering the type of event you are creating, also consider what you want to include on the page. Some free scrapbook templates may work better for photos, for example; templates for vacation pictures are very common. Others may be designed to allow more writing, such as for the scrapbook creator to write a brief journal entry to accompany the other images. Another template may be suited for memorabilia, such as movie or baseball game tickets, among others.

The best part of free scrapbook templates is that they are, of course, free. If you print some out and find that they are not exactly what you are looking for, you can keep looking until you find ones that are. Another option is to take a free scrapbook template, and to add your own creative touches for a more personalized look. Scrapbooks can make great personal gifts for friends and family, because they show that you took the time to create something rather than just going to the store to purchase something quickly.



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Post 2
I was able to get some free scrapbooking templates by going to a scrapbooking demo at my local craft store. It was kind of an introduction to scrapbooking and they provided everyone that came with a few basic templates that they could use to start getting the hang of it.

That was 5 years ago and I am now an avid scrapbooker. I have been able to memorialize all of the big events in my life using the many exciting possibilities that scrapbooking offers. It has been a great creative outlet and I am making something that I can pass down to my kids.

Post 1

You can find a lot of great free scrap booking templates if you look online. And since you are online you have many, many to choose from.

I have even made a few of my own templates that I have uploaded to share with others. I love the idea that one of my scrap booking designs will be used to hold on to someone elses memories.

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