How do I Choose the Best Scrapbooking Classes?

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Scrapbooking classes can be a lot of fun if you like to learn new creative techniques from others in a group setting. The craft of creating attractive book pages on which to display photographs has become so popular that there are many different options for taking scrapbooking classes. To choose the best class type for you, a good place to start is at your favorite scrapbook supply store.

Many scrapbooking or general crafts stores offer classes you may be interested in taking. These lessons may even be free with or without the requirement of purchases of supplies from the store. If you shop for your scrapbooking papers, stamps, stickers, punches and other items at your local shop anyway, you may enjoy learning new ways to use these materials from where you buy them. Taking scrapbooking classes locally can also be a good way to meet people in your area who share the same interest.

If you'd rather learn new scrapbooking methods in your own home, there are many online classes you may want to consider. While some of these may be free, others might not be, so be sure you can trust who you're paying if you decide on online scrapbook lessons. Most online classes include spaces for students to communicate in writing and share photographs of their scrapbooking projects.


Another option for taking scrapbooking classes is to join a club in your area. Your local craft stores may have fliers from people in your neighborhood advertising their scrapbook clubs. Some scrapbook clubs place ads in local newspapers. Club meetings are either held in the organizer's home or the location may rotate through the members.

This type of scrapbooking class can be best for you if you don't mind having the members meet in your home when it's your turn. Be sure the dates and times work for you before signing up. The club type of scrapbooking classes are usually very informal, but they're often free.

In scrapbook clubs, you may learn from the members as much as the leader since different people often have other creative ideas for using the materials. Scrapbooking classes at local clubs are typically ongoing and usually last longer than ones in stores, which may only be held for several weeks. You may be able to save money on scrapbooking supplies if you join a club, if the group buys in bulk. Club members also often trade extra supplies as well as usable scraps of different scrapbooking papers.



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