What are the Best Scrapbooking Tips?

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The best scrapbooking tips are those that assume that that a scrapbooker already knows how to put together a basic scrapbook. Scrapbooking tips that help create distinctive scrapbooks can showcase personality and make projects interesting to anyone who views them. Layering, incorporating random materials and using the same colors throughout a scrapbook are just a few of the scrapbooking tips that can set great scrapbooks apart from others. The most important tip, though, probably is that improvising and having fun are large parts of the process of creating a unique, enjoyable scrapbook.

Giving a scrapbook a cohesive feel by reusing shapes, colors and accents throughout the scrapbook can make a project appear more put-together. Scrapbooking tips such as these can be especially helpful to those who want to explore a particular theme. This technique can draw different elements of the scrapbook together long after they've been viewed.

Using random, collected pieces of material can add punch to a scrapbook. Scrapbook supplies bought in a store will do, but miscellaneous pieces can make a scrapbook feel unique. Incorporating pieces of mail, advertisements and magazines into a scrapbook and looking for extra material also can boost a scrapbooker's creativity.


Scrapbook pages don't have to be flat. Layering materials adds dimension and allows scrapbookers to experiment with textures. For example, tearing a piece of card stock in half and crumbling it can make for an interesting look and completely change the feel of a page.

Scrapbook pages can be different sizes. Mixing page sizes can serve to keep a viewer's interest. Scrapbookers can use scissors to cut pages into varying shapes if they tire of working with the standard, four-cornered sort. Journaling with different pens and markers can show a scrapbook's contents in a different light, too.

Adding emphasis to pictures by placing them on card stock before sticking them to the page can have a similar effect. Scrapbookers also can draw attention to journaling by writing on card stock, cutting the card stock and gluing the pieces to the page. This technique can immediately lead the eye to the picture or the writing.

Scrapbookers who intend to make a large scrapbook, or one that is especially intricate, should consider keeping a journal. Journaling can help scrapbookers plan how their projects will look. Scrapbookers can use a journal to jot down organizing ideas, too.

Those interested in creating a scrapbook should remember that it doesn't have to look any particular way. Scrapbooks are supposed to be unique expressions of a personality or event. Improvising and having fun are vital when designing a scrapbook.



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