How do I Save Money on a Wedding?

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A wedding can turn into a huge expense very quickly, but there are ways to save money on a wedding without skimping on the important parts of the ceremony and reception. During the planning phase of your wedding, decide what kind of ceremony and reception you would like; one great way to save money on a wedding is to do many of the usual tasks yourself, though you should be prepared to spend more time planning and implementing than you would otherwise. Try to find friends and family members who can help with common wedding tasks. Some people will offer their goods and services as a wedding gift to you.

One significant expense when planning a wedding, and one of the easier ways to save money on a wedding, is the chair and table rental. Delivery and set-up charges can bloat the final bill, and the most attractive chairs will cost you more money than the less attractive ones. A great way to save money on a wedding is by renting the less attractive chairs and making or purchasing inexpensive chair covers to create visually appealing chairs. Another way to cut costs is to pick up the chairs yourself, and set them up at the wedding site. A few friends can usually make the set-up go quickly, and a large pickup truck is sufficient for picking up the tables and chairs for a small to medium sized wedding.


Try to find a wedding location that will not cost you any money. State parks or other public lands are often great places to get married, and holding the ceremony at such a location can save money on a wedding by eliminating booking charges for a chapel or other location. You may need to obtain a permit, depending on the size of the wedding, and you may encounter other people using the space, but many state parks offer natural beauty and open spaces that can accommodate your wedding guests.

Shop around carefully for the best rates on rentals, venues, and catering. Many caterers are willing to offer competitive rates, and some will provide all-inclusive packages in which the caterer will actually arrange chair and table rentals for you. This can save time and money over booking a caterer and a chair rental company separately. Always ask the caterers, rental companies, and venues about package deals they may offer, and do not be afraid to negotiate pricing.



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Generally, the largest expense is food. This doesn't have to cost a bomb though - do your research.

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@snowywinter- I completely agree with you. There are several ways to save money on a wedding. Another thing to consider is the wedding pictures and music.

Some wedding photo packages can cost in the thousands of dollars. You should shop around for wedding photographers to see where you can get the best price. They usually have portfolios and prices readily available.

Music is essential for a wedding. However, it can be pricey. For your reception, you could consider a DJ instead of live entertainment. A DJ tends to be a bit cheaper.

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I recently read in a magazine that the average wedding costs around $27,000. At that price, who can afford to get married? It is a good idea to have a wedding budget when making plans for the big day.

My sister is a wedding planner and she specializes in “budget-friendly” weddings. One of the things that she always recommends is to do your own invitations. You can save a lot of money if you create and print your invitations at home.

Another thing to consider is food and drink. Those can be the largest expenses at a wedding. Many people opt for an “open bar” but that can be very costly. As far as the dinner, buffet style is the most economical route. If your dinner is formal, you have to pay someone to serve the meals.

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