How do I Plan a Wedding on a Budget?

Planning a wedding on a budget is easy. There are many options to make a wedding cheaper without compromising on your vision for your special day. With a few considerations, the wedding of your dreams can fit your budget.

One of the easiest times to cut costs is when buying the dress. Trunk sales, where stock dresses are sold, are a great way to save possibly as much as hundreds of dollars. Most bridal shop will also offer last year's designs at a deep discount. Finding a friend or family member to do alterations is another way to save a lot of money.

The most popular times to hold a wedding are also the most expensive. When planning a wedding on a budget, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars by celebrating during the off-season. The winter and fall are beautiful times of the year, and perfect for couples who want to save some money. There are a lot of off-season discounts available. Not only will reception sites cost less, but it is usually possible to save money on services like photography and music.

Holding the wedding in the morning or early afternoon is another way to plan a wedding on a budget. Because a full meal isn’t needed, food costs will be considerably less. Also, guests will consume less alcohol, saving even more money. Offering less-expensive appetizers is another idea.


There are also several ways to save money on wedding services. Do you know a photography enthusiast? Maybe they would consider photographing the ceremony and reception as a wedding gift. Alternatively, hiring a photography student, or a photographer just starting out, can save a lot of money without giving up quality. Looking to beginning professionals is a great way to save money on the cake as well.

One of the biggest money savers when planning a wedding on a budget is to re-examine the guest list. A smaller guest list could save thousands of dollars. Catering companies charge per guest, and it is not uncommon for a wedding meal to cost $50.00 US dollars or more. With a big guest list, that can add up fast.

A wedding on a budget is easy when the small details are reconsidered. Flowers on all of the tables are probably not necessary. No one will care if you only use one color of ink on the invitations. Choose flowers that are in season and grown locally. With a lot of the details, no one will know that you went for the cheaper alternative.

It is easy to plan a wedding on a budget. There are many ways to painlessly cut hundreds of dollars from the cost without giving up anything that makes a wedding so special. It is still possible to have the wedding of your dreams without spending the first several years of your marriage paying off wedding-related debt.



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