How do I Choose a Wedding Videographer?

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A beautiful wedding video is a memento you can treasure forever, allowing future kids and even grandchildren to visit the day of your marriage. Choosing a good wedding videographer can ensure that the best and most important moments of your day are recorded forever. There is no need to break the bank paying for a wonderful wedding video, but be certain to carefully consider your options before hiring a videographer for your special day. A friend or family member may have the skills to record your wedding for you, but a professional is likely to to have more experience. Make sure you see samples of the wedding videographer's work, and only choose someone who listens to your requests.

If you are on an extremely tight budget, consider asking a friend or family member with camera experience to be your official recorder for the day. He or she may be happy to do this as a wedding present, and if he or she has sufficient experience, can turn out a video as beautiful as any professional. Be sure that his or her experience includes more than just knowing how to turn on a camera, however; while you may be satisfied with less-than-professional quality, you do want to make sure the resulting video is watchable.


Remember, too, that many digital cameras can now record up to 30 minutes of high-quality video. Consider spreading the recording among several different party-goers for a variety of styles and different views of the wedding. With simple software, you can edit these videos together to create your own version of your wedding day.

A professional wedding videographer may be preferable due to his or her experience and history in the field. Compare prices of local videographers carefully, but also be sure to view video samples of their past work. You may be able to find a great deal, but don't choose someone with considerably less expensive prices unless you are certain he or she is truly experienced and professional. Remember, this video will be a concrete memento of your wedding, and you want to make sure it is done as beautifully as possible.

Some wedding photographers offer a videography bundle along with traditional wedding portraits. This option may save you money and prevent you the trouble of hiring an additional professional. Again, be sure to check the portfolios of anyone you are considering hiring to make sure that he or she is as good with a video camera as with still shots. Any credible wedding videographer will have plenty of examples of his or her style and ability.

If your wedding ceremony is in a church or other religious sanctuary, make sure that video cameras are allowed in the building. You may save money and frustration by checking this first. If the location does not allow video photography, you can limit your expenses by just hiring a videographer for your reception and taking only still pictures at the ceremony.

When choosing your wedding videographer, look for someone who listens to you and is interested in what type of video you want. He or she should be able to present you with many different styles and options to choose from. Do not be timid in asking for specifically what you need; a good professional wedding videographer will want to fulfill your individual dreams for your wedding, and be willing to make all reasonable attempts to meet your needs and present you with a beautiful recording.



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