How do I get a Human Resources Education?

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You can generally get human resources education at a community college, technical school, or university. There may not be a major in human resources, but any course teaching business-related skills will be helpful for entering this career field. Start by determining how much time, money, and effort you can spend on your human resources education right now. This will allow you to choose the best school.

Community and technical colleges generally offer certification and associate’s degree programs. There may also be a transfer program that will allow you to spend your first two years attending a technical school and the second two finishing your four-year degree at a university. You will need to discuss this option with school advisors up front.

There may be a human resources education program available at these schools in the form of a certificate program. This means you will not receive a full degree, but will receive training that will allow you to enter the career field directly. Courses generally last from one to three semesters. Keep in mind, though, that if you are competing with other job candidates, the most educated person may get the position. The likely exception to this if that one person has several years of on the job experience.


Most technical schools and community colleges do not require that students receive certain high school grades, although a placement exam may be given to determine what level each student is on. A high school diploma or the equivalent is required unless otherwise determined by a school official. When you apply to a technical school, be sure to inquire about tuition assistance options and fill out your forms early.

If you want to obtain your human resources education at a university, you will likely need to fill out an application and wait for approval. SAT® scores may likely be required. Once you have been accepted into a particular college or university, you will need to meet with a student advisor to discuss program options.

Although there may be no major specifically for human resources, your advisor will likely be able to tell you which courses are most likely to catch the eye of potential employers. These will generally include business courses and classes that will teach you how to interact with people. You may also consider interning in a human resources department while still in school to increase your chances of being hired in this field.



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