What Should I Expect from a Human Resources Education?

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Human resources education is provided at the post-secondary level, by a range of community colleges and universities. The purpose of human resources education is to provide the skills required to operate a payroll, enforce employment law, design business processes and human resources policies, and to work in a human resources department. There are a range of positions available in human resources from payroll clerk to human resources manager.

Any courses completed toward a formal certification in human resources education will require registration in a program. The admissions requirements for this type of course include high school graduation, with courses in English and technology. Some programs require candidates to provide a essay or a copy of their resume to explain their interest in this field.

Upon acceptance into a human resources education program, be prepared for a lot of reading. The courses included in this program all require a significant amount of reading. Many classes require at least one full research paper, in addition to a series of essays and reports on the reading material.

Presentation and oral communication skills are very important when working in human resources. As a result, there are several classes that will have a presentation assignment. Public speaking is a fear for many people, and it is best to address this issue as soon as possible, so that it does not interfere with your human resources education.


Some programs include a job placement or internship opportunity. Take advantage of the chance to work in an actual human resources office. The experience gained will improve your resume and help to reinforce some of the materials learned in the human resources education program.

Group projects and teamwork is important in human resources. There is very little that can be achieved in isolation in this field. As a result, be prepared for a range of group projects and research paper partnerships during your program of study. The opportunity to learn how to work with different personalities will be very helpful in a range of positions.

A full professional certification typically takes 18 months of full-time school or 36 to 48 months in a part-time program. The dedication, discipline, and family support required to be successful in this program is quite significant. Take the time to plan ahead before registering to ensure that you will be able to complete the requirements. It is important to note that most students find the challenge is not in the work but in time management. Look at your current lifestyle and determine what changes will be made to adjust to this type of education program.



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