How do I File an Accident Claim Form?

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An accident claim form is an insurance document that serves as a report of an accident and a description of injuries for which the person has had medical services, or damage caused by the accident. Most insurance companies require policyholders to fill out an accident claim form before agreeing to dispense funds or cover bills for medical treatment, vehicle repairs, and other costs that the insurance is meant to cover.

In order to fill out an accident claim form, it is important to have all pertinent information. Common questions on the form will include how the accident occurred, who was involved, what kind of injuries or damages occurred, and any medical care or repairs necessary as a result of the accident. If a person has seen a doctor or other medical professional, there may be additional forms for the physician's office to fill out. If repairs have been done, information on the repair shop and costs must be provided.

Information about all parties involved in the accident is also sometimes required to file an accident claim form, as the insurance company may have to liaise with the insurers of other participants. Providing the names, contact information, and insurance information of everyone involved can help get an insurance company ready to move on handling a claim. Personal information that may be required from the policy holder include policy number, social security or driver's license number, and contact information.


If the person for whom the claim is being filed is a minor, forms will generally require a parent or guardian to sign all documentation. Documents signed by a minor are usually not acceptable and may be returned, slowing the claims process significantly. It is also important to remember that, in many regions, falsifying information on an accident claim form is a crime punishable by heavy fines and even jail time. For this reason, it is extremely important to get all facts in order before submitting a claim.

Claims may be available through mail, at branch offices of an insurance company, or on the company's website. Filing an accident claim form online is typically the fastest way to ensure that the insurers receive a written copy of the claim. Some experts recommend following up an online submission with a phone call to the insurer to make sure that the paperwork has been received and appears in order. By drawing the company's attention to the claim quickly, a client may help ensure more prompt attention.



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