How do I File an Accident at Work Claim?

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The manner in which you’ll have to file an accident at work claim may depend on where you work. Each employer may create a different procedure for employees to follow in filing claims. In most cases, however, you will need to seek medical attention for your injury and report the incident to your employer, a company representative, or the company's insurance company. You may also do well to keep a written record or journal that describes the accident, the injuries you suffered, how you were treated, and the effects you experienced after the accident.

The severity of the injury you suffer in a workplace accident may dictate the first step you take to file a claim. For a minor accident, you may apply first aid or ask a co-worker to assist you. If you are seriously injured or not sure what the extent of your injuries are, however, you may do well to seek emergency medical attention. Typically, this involves calling an ambulance to administer first aid and then transport you to a hospital for evaluation and treatment.


If there are other employees around at the time of your accident, they may serve two important purposes. First, they may serve as witnesses, which may prove important later. Second, you may ask one of your co-workers to make an initial report regarding the accident for you. For example, he may report the accident to a company representative and you can follow up to start an accident at work claim once you’ve been treated and are safe and comfortable.

Regardless of whether or not a co-worker reported the incident, you will typically have to contact a company representative, fill out an accident report, or call your employer’s insurance company to file an accident at work claim. After getting help for your injury, you will typically have to provide the time and date of the accident, information about what you were doing when the accident occurred, and the details of how you were injured and treated. You may also have to provide the names of any witnesses to your accident. In some cases, an employer may ask you to file a claim with the company’s insurance company instead, but you will usually have to provide the same types of information.

Maintaining good documentation can be important when you need to file an accident at work claim. For example, you may do well to keep a journal of the accident and what occurred after it as well as the symptoms you’ve had. You may also include entries for doctor’s visits and the treatments you received. Additionally, you may do well to obtain written, signed witness statements, as they may prove important when you are pursing your claim.



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