How do I Choose the Best Wall Mounted Bookshelf?

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To choose the best wall mounted bookshelf, you should consider the space you are working in and how much work you want to put into mounting the shelves. One of the first things you should consider is how much room you have for your bookshelves, so you can choose shelves that will fit properly. You should also consider constructing your own bookshelves and mounting them onto the wall, especially if you have experience with construction or home improvement. If you do not have the time or inclination for constructing your own shelves, you should choose a wall mounted bookshelf system that is adjustable and suits your needs.

A wall mounted bookshelf is a type of freestanding bookshelf that is not encased within a frame, but instead mounts directly onto a wall. There are a number of different ways in which this type of bookshelf can be created and mounted, and you should consider the options available to you. You should also carefully measure the area in which you want to utilize your wall mounted bookshelf, and be sure to choose a shelf that will fit properly within the area. Keep in mind the height of different books, and be sure to provide enough room for the tallest books you wish to display on the shelf.


You can construct your own wall mounted bookshelf and properly affix the shelf to your wall. This can take more time and effort than purchasing a shelving system from a store, but will also allow you to customize your shelf to a greater degree. You should be careful, however, to ensure the wall mounted bookshelf you design is properly set into the wall to prevent it from coming loose or falling. Designing your own bookshelf also allows you to use the materials you want, and you can make plastic, metal, or wood shelving with just a bit of planning.

A wall mounted bookshelf can also be purchased as individual pieces or part of a kit, which may be the easiest option for many people. You should choose a shelf kit that is intended for books, since books can be quite heavy and you want to ensure the safety of anyone beneath the shelves. It is typically best to choose a wall mounted bookshelf that is adjustable, so you can choose how high you want the shelf to be. Many bookshelves use metal braces that connect to the wall, onto which supports are connected for the shelves; these supports are often adjustable, providing you with the ability to set the shelves where they will work best for your needs.



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