How do I Choose the Best Metal Bookshelf?

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Choosing the best metal bookshelf starts with determining your specific needs. Consider how many books or other objects you will be storing on the metal bookshelf, as this will dictate what size shelf you will need as well as how durable of a shelf you will need. Wire bookshelves, for example, are small, lightweight, and generally inexpensive, but they will not be the most stable choice for heavy objects such as televisions, stereos, or even larger, heavier books. Heavy-duty metal bookshelf models will be capable of holding more weight, though they will be more expensive to buy.

Consider adjustability when choosing your metal bookshelf. Books come in a variety of sizes, and larger books may not fit on smaller shelves. Many metal bookshelf models are designed with adjustability in mind, not only for books, but also for other items that you may want to store on the shelf. Be sure the adjustability features are easy to use and adaptable enough to accommodate a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs. If you want a sleeker look, however, you may want to consider a metal bookshelf without adjustment features, as the adjustability may alter the appearance in some cases.


The style of bookshelf you choose is entirely up to your preferences. Some people prefer a raw look, with the metal unfinished, and in some cases, the welds exposed. Heavy steel shelves offer a great aesthetic and a stable structure, but you will likely pay more for such a shelf, especially if it is custom-made. Aluminum shelves are lightweight, and the appearance of such a shelf is usually clean and simple. The color of such a shelf can vary according to the manufacturer, and many manufacturers offer a variety of colors at a low cost.

You will need to decide what type of structure you want. Some bookshelves are corner bookshelves designed to fit snugly in the corner of a room, while others are leaning bookshelves that lean against a wall. Others are freestanding structures with a variety of aesthetic accents, while other freestanding shelves are simple and classic in appearance. You may also want to consider hanging bookshelves that are mounted to a wall. Consider your needs, as well as the look of the room in which the shelf is going to be placed to determine which metal bookshelf will work best for you.



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