How do I Choose the Best Revolving Bookshelf?

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A revolving bookshelf is a great choice for a home or business with limited space and a fair amount of books to store. The size and shape of the revolving bookshelf will have an effect on the usefulness of the unit, as will the materials used to make the shelf. Consider the cost of each unit as well, especially if you need to buy several revolving bookshelf units for your home or business. Business owners will want to choose a shelf that is not too tall, as all the books on the shelf should be accessible to all customers short and tall.

One of the most important things to check when considering a revolving bookshelf is its stability when loaded with books. If possible, test the revolving bookshelf by placing some weight on it and nudging it lightly to see how stable it is. You can do this same test when the shelf is empty; if it wobbles too much when empty, you can assume it will wobble when books are loaded into it, which can potentially lead to the shelf falling over. Make sure the base of the revolving bookshelf is wide and stable, and it can support the weight of the shelf when loaded down with books.


The design and aesthetic appeal of the revolving bookshelf will be left up to your preferences. Some of the most common materials used for these shelves are solid wood and particleboard, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Particleboard will be the least expensive option, so if cost is an issue, or if you need to buy several shelves, you may want to consider these shelves. The downside to these particle board shelves is both the appearance and the strength. These shelves tend to be easily damaged, and they are not especially strong in the long run. They also often have a very artificial look that is not the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

Solid wood shelves will be both sturdier and more attractive, but they will also be much more expensive. if you are only buying one shelf, or if cost is not an issue, wooden shelves are the best option for strength and aesthetics. Metal shelves can also be quite attractive, depending on what type of metal is used and how the shelf is built. These tend to be less expensive as long as higher end metals are not used to build the shelf. Plastic shelves are less common but more economical and reasonably attractive, though they will not be the strongest or the most stable choice.



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