How Do I Choose the Best Used Washing Machine?

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Start your used washing machine hunt by deciding whether you want a front-loader or a top-loader. Make sure all of the physical features, such as knobs and handles, are secure and functional. Measure the unit to ensure it will fit in the space that you have designated for it. Also get some type of written assurance that the machine works, that you will receive a refund if it does not, or that it will be repaired if you find a problem.

Before you begin shopping for your used washing machine, decide if you want a front-loading or top-loading unit. Although a top-loader may be easier to find, unless it is a high-efficiency machine, front-loaders tend to be more efficient. The lack of an agitator in the front loader is also a benefit for many types of fabrics.

The first thing that you want to consider about any used washing machine is whether it is fully operational. This means that if there are six cycle options, all six should operate properly. Do not feel or be convinced that buying a used item means that you should settle for one that only partially does what it is supposed to do. You may be able to use it to your satisfaction with the broken feature, but you must realize that this could be an indicator that further problems are in store.


Fully analyze the outside and inside of any used washing machine you consider buying. Make sure all of the parts, such as the knobs and lid, are secure and have the proper mobility. If a washing machine cannot pass this type of inspection or it appears battered, do not purchase it. There is a good chance that it was used roughly and perhaps subject to overloading. This could lead to problems for you in the future.

If you plan to place the used washing machine in a particular limited space, be sure to measure the space in all directions. Then you need to measure any washing machine that you consider buying. Do not make the mistake of believing that these appliances have a standard size. Also make sure that you purchase a machine that is large enough for your needs. A unit that is adequate for a college student may not serve a household of six equally well.

It can be very difficult to determine the degree to which a used washing machine will work until you try it. The best way to protect yourself is to make a purchase from a vendor who will offer you warranty. If this is not possible, at the very least you should buy the appliance only if the seller is willing to give you a written guarantee that it is fully functional and may be returned if you find otherwise.



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