How Do I Choose the Best Washing Machine for an Apartment?

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When it comes to washing machines, nearly everyone wants a product that cleans clothes thoroughly and efficiently. If you live in an apartment, however, selecting a washing machine can involve a number of additional requirements. To choose the best washing machine for an apartment, first consider the size and structural limitations of your space. Additionally, try to find a machine that runs quietly. Finally, if your washer must be placed in plain view, try to select a model that features a sleek, pleasing design.

In order to choose the best washing machine for an apartment, first consider the size limitations of your space. Many washing machine models are designed with apartment dwellers in mind, and can easily fit into small spaces. These models are normally more compact than traditional machines, and many either feature a built-in dryer or are constructed so that a dryer can be stacked on top of them. Before purchasing a machine, be sure to take down the measurements of the space in which it will be placed, and consider only those models which will fit easily into that space.

Structural limitations should also be noted when selecting a washing machine for an apartment. Some washer and dryer combination units must be linked to a building’s exterior via a venting system in order to safely release dryer exhaust. If you are considering a combination unit, ensure that your apartment configuration allows for venting. Alternatively, select a unit that does not require venting.


If you are an apartment dweller, you likely share at least one wall with neighbors, and your floor may well be someone else’s ceiling. As some washers run quietly while others vibrate violently, you should also take noise into consideration when choosing your machine to avoid disturbing your neighbors. Unfortunately, it is more or less impossible to know whether a washer is noisy simply by looking at it. To keep the peace in your building, try consulting consumer review websites to read up on a prospective machine’s noise level before purchasing it.

Finally, if your apartment is very small, you may not have the luxury of a utility room or closet in which to hide your laundry appliances. When selecting a washing machine for an apartment that lacks concealed utility space, you should consider the appearance of prospective models. Many modern washers are far more stylish and sleek than their utilitarian predecessors, and feature such design elements as colorful metallic bodies and futuristic-looking clear doors. If you cannot hide your washer, you may be able to choose a model which is inconspicuous, or even one which adds a touch of modern design to your home.



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