How Do I Recycle a Washing Machine?

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When you buy a new washing machine, you may wonder what to do with your old one. Many retailers will help you recycle a washing machine if you ask about it when you buy your new unit. Municipalities also often have programs to recycle old appliances, so you may contact your city, county, or other local government. You can also recycle a washing machine by giving it to a charitable organization or someone else that needs it, if the unit still works. If it no longer works, you can also recycle a washing machine by creatively repurposing some of the components.

The easiest way to recycle a washing machine can be to ask the retailer if they offer that service when you buy a new unit. You may be able to drop your old unit off at the store when you pick up the new one, or the retailer might even pick it up from your home if they deliver. If the retailer does not offer any sort of recycling service, you might want to ask your local government. In many cases, there will be a special area for you to leave appliances at the dump or refuse station where you take your other trash and recyclables.


Another option is to contact a scrap hauler. These individuals and businesses gather scrap metal and turn it in for money. If there is enough valuable scrap metal contained in your washing machine, you may find that a scrap hauler will be willing to pick it up when he is in the area. The price of scrap metal fluctuates, and if it drops too low you may have a harder time finding someone that is interested in doing this.

If your old unit still works, one of the best ways to recycle a washing machine is to ensure that someone else continues to use it. Charitable organizations often gather used appliances and offer them to people in need. You can also use a variety of different websites to find people that need washing machines. In some cases you may get a little money for your old unit, though it can be easier and faster to just offer it for free.

Creative people often find various other ways to recycle a washing machine because some of the component parts can often be repurposed for other uses. Washing machine drums are one component that cam be removed and reused in a variety of ways. With little work involved other than removing the drum, you may use it as a planter. A little more effort could turn the drum into an ottoman or a coffee table with a unique and interesting look.



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I have a friend who knows how to work on washing machines, and he turned his knowledge into a small business fixing and reselling discarded, old washing machines. You may be able to find this type of business in your area, or if you are handy, you may want to open your own.

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In many areas, non-profit charitable organizations conduct scrap metal drives to earn money for their causes. The price of scrap metal usually has no effect on these drives, because the charities conduct them over long periods of time.

Look for dumpsters or other types of large hauling units as scrap metal drop-offs in your area that are labeled for various charities. In some areas, it is not uncommon for several of these drives to be going on at one time. Not only can you feel good about getting rid of your old washing machine, but you can be happy in knowing that you helped an organization raise money for a good cause.

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