How do I Choose the Best Traditional Chandelier?

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To choose the best traditional chandelier, several factors should be considered, such as the size of the room you plan to install it in, and the ceiling height. Traditional chandelier styles may come with various options for lighting, such as the use of four, six or even eight bulbs. Light bulb wattage must also be considered. The material used for your chandelier will typically depend upon the decor of your room. Many companies that sell light fixtures may have catalogs showing the various styles of chandeliers available.

Consider the dimensions of your room because you'll want to make sure everything is in proportion. If the size of your room is rather large, you'll most likely want to choose a moderately large traditional chandelier. Conversely, if the chosen room is small, hanging an overly large chandelier might look awkward and out of place. You should also consider how low the traditional chandelier will hang. Many styles can be adjusted, so you may hang the chandelier lower or higher depending upon your needs.


If your traditional chandelier is to be used directly above a dining table, you should let it hang so that it falls to your level of height when standing. Hanging a chandelier way up high close to the ceiling is not a good idea when it's used for the dining area. Be sure it is not too low, so when your guests rise from the table they do not bump into it. If, however, your traditional chandelier is to be placed in an entryway, it should be placed at a higher level.

Materials used in a traditional chandelier may vary greatly. If your room is decorated with crystal decor, you may want to coordinate the theme by choosing a crystal chandelier. Glass may be another option, although caution must be used, especially with young children present. Other materials such as brass or iron may be a good choice if you tend to redecorate on occasion. Brass may require more maintenance, however, so take that into consideration as well. When deciding upon the right traditional chandelier for your home, consider if you'd like an understated piece or one that is more intricate.

If you're choosing a small area in which to place the chandelier, you may opt for a mini version. A mini chandelier is practical for small areas and will be decorative and add warmth and light to the area. These may be used as small accent pieces where extra light is needed, and may be available in the traditional style.

For a recreation or family room, and for many bedrooms, a Tiffany style chandelier may be another option to consider. Although these glass pieces inspire a modern or contemporary appearance, many of the styles may be considered traditional as well. You may find these in various designs and vibrant colors.

Do not overlook the hardware involved and installation requirements for your traditional chandelier. If you plan on installing the fixture yourself, you may want to inquire what this may involve. Find out what tools you may need for wiring and installation, and follow the directions carefully.



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