How do I Choose the Best Foyer Chandelier?

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When you are looking for a foyer chandelier, think about the size of the area and the height of the ceiling. Try to determine how much light you need this fixture to produce. Think about the decor of your home in order to find one that might compliment the overall look. Also, ponder how difficult it might be to hang it up and clean once it is in place.

Measure the length and width of your foyer. This way, you can know how big this space is in order to avoid selecting one that is too cumbersome. Try to determine the ceiling height as well, so you can know if a particular light fixture might extend too low once it is installed.

The size of the entrance can determine how much light might be needed there. Try to think about whether or not the foyer chandelier you are considering can illuminate this area adequately. See what type of bulbs are required and think about whether or not you like the shape of them.

A foyer chandelier can be one of the first things a guest notices about your home, and this can impact your selection. Try to choose one that has materials that compliment other accessories, trim work, or furniture in the room. You can usually find these fixtures in wood, brass, iron, or glass, among others. You might also consider a combination of these as well.


Ask the salesperson what the recommended method of installation is for a particular model. This way, you can easily decide if this is a task you would like to do yourself. Try to find out what tools or equipment are needed, so you can know if you need to purchase or rent them in order to complete this project.

Not only could hanging a foyer chandelier be difficult, cleaning it after it is in place might be as well. Think about whether it has a lot of intricate detailing that could make this chore especially daunting. If the fixture is located up high, consider the fact that you may need to climb a ladder in order to do this.

There are many styles of chandelier available, so it should be easy to find one that fits your budget and individual taste. By looking at several different models, you should be able to get an idea of which ones are of good quality yet reasonably priced. This can pay off with your selection giving you comfort and satisfaction for many years to come.



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