How do I Choose the Best Petite Chandelier?

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A petite chandelier is a smaller fixture that offers many of the same qualities of a large chandelier, including ambiance, lighting and character. Those who wonder how to choose the best petite chandelier should consider the style of their room, the size of the fixture and how much light they desire. They should then take some time to look around for the perfect-fit fixture.

It is always a good idea to measure the area in which you will hang your petite chandelier, especially if the piece is going in a small area, such as a hall or galley-style kitchen. Consider the size of the table or furniture beneath the fixture, if any. The best petite chandelier will be proportionately smaller, never larger. While you want your lighting fixture to stand out, it should not overwhelm the room or area.

Classic or contemporary, the finish you choose often determines the style of chandelier. When choosing the best petite chandelier for the space, keep with your existing decor by choosing a piece that works well with other finishes and furniture in your home. For example, if the style of your home or room is modern, a crystal petite chandelier may be too extravagant for the room. A simple, brushed nickel or wrought iron piece might be a better fit.


Functionality is another aspect to weigh when choosing the best petite chandelier for your space. If illumination is important, choose a fixture that has the right amount of lighting. A dimming mechanism may be helpful for changing the mood in the room and should be considered if the chandelier will function as a main source of light in the area.

After you have established your lighting needs and determined which style you will choose, you will have to decide how much you are willing to pay for the chandelier. You may opt for a different finish if the type you have chosen is too expensive. Another option is to shop bargain stores, flea markets and rummage sales rather than retail chains or commercial lighting shops, though you likely won't have as extensive of a selection from which to choose.

In the end, it is best to be optimistic when shopping for a petite chandelier. Some people discover that a style or finish they originally disliked works well in their particular space and with their existing d├ęcor once they are willing to be flexible. Others choose to alter their piece with a splash of paint, some new shades and a bit of creativity, making it uniquely perfect.



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