How Do I Choose the Best Sensitive Skin Toner?

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Choosing the best sensitive skin toner depends upon skin type, budget, and personal preference. Skin toner is generally used to cleanse the face, decrease the appearance of large pores, and prepare the face for the application of make-up. People who have oily skin might prefer a sensitive skin toner that lacks moisturizing properties. Individuals with oily skin may experience break-outs or skin irritation if they choose a sensitive skin toner that has added moisturizers in it.

Another factor influencing the choice of sensitive skin toner is the individual's budget. Name-brand department store sensitive skin toners are likely to cost more than lesser-known brands that are available at drugstores, grocery stores, or other retail stores. Price may depend upon the brand name and the quality of the toner's ingredients. Typically, however, any moderately priced sensitive skin toner will work just as well as, or perhaps even better than, an expensive toner.

Some people prefer to use a sensitive skin toner that has a fragrance to it, while others prefer a fragrance-free brand. People who are prone to allergies may be sensitive to added fragrances and may fare better with a fragrance-free type. In addition, skin toners may be formulated with extra color or tint in them. For those who want a hint of color added to the product, a tinted skin toner might be appropriate. Many skin toners provide excellent bases for make-up, allowing them to last longer and decreasing the risk of color change.


Alcohol can also be a deciding factor when choosing a sensitive skin toner. Certain people react negatively to products containing alcohol, which can be very drying to sensitive skin. It is, however, very effective in removing oil and debris from clogged pores. Individuals with dry skin may want to avoid products containing alcohol, as it can cause not only dryness, but facial peeling, irritation, and even an allergic reaction.

For people with allergies, a sensitive skin toner marked as hypoallergenic may be the best choice. Although skin toners designed for sensitive skin tend to be milder than other formulations, unless they are labeled as hypoallergenic, the risk of allergic skin reaction remains. Signs and symptoms of an allergic skin reaction include redness, inflammation, and, in severe cases, blistering of the skin. When this occurs, a visit to the dermatologist may be in order, because a severe skin reaction can lead to infection.



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