How Can I Care for Sensitive Facial Skin?

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Sensitive facial skin is known to breakout easily, react negatively to ingredients, and be prone to hyperpigmentation. Caring for sensitive skin requires diligence for it to be healthy. It will also require the use of gentle cleansers, exfoliators, toners, moisturizers, and comprehensive sun protection.

Make sure that you use a gentle facial cleanser formulated for sensitive skin types. Many commercial facial cleansers are formulated with heavy synthetic materials like sulfates, which can irritate skin. Use a facial cleanser that is free of heavy oils, parabens, and fragrance-free. Try to go for a facial cleanser that has a creamy consistency, as cleansers that are clear or have small granules in them can either be too drying or abrasive for sensitive facial skin.

Avoid harsh physical exfoliators. If your skin needs an occasional exfoliator, use a chemical exfoliator instead like alpha-hydroxyl acid for mild exfoliation. Try to avoid face brushes, at-home microdermabrasion treatments, and other mechanical exfoliators.

Depending on the oiliness of the skin, you may opt for a toner to remove all remnants of the facial cleanser. Avoid toners that are formulated with alcohol, for these can dry out sensitive facial skin. Use toners that are formulated with rose water, as this is proven to clean but not strip the skin.


After toning, use an oil-free moisturizer. Moisturizers with emollient and humectant properties will help seal in skin moisture. Again, use a moisturizer that is organic, free of heavy oils, and is paraben- and colorant-free. Check the label of the moisturizer and make sure that the ingredients list does not contain dimethicones, as this heavy synthetic material can potentially irritate the skin.

Use facial products that are formulated with sunscreen. Sensitive facial skin can be prone to hyperpigmentation, spotting, and unevenness. A broad spectrum sunscreen will help protect the skin from the damaging sun.

Before bed, use a serum formulated with beneficial antioxidants to help strengthen the elasticity of the skin. Serums that has vitamin C in it have been known to improve uneven skin tone, help normalize the pH level on the skin, as well as improve elasticity.

Whether applying a facial cleanser, chemical exfoliator, or serums, it is important that you apply these products the correct way. Do not use excessive force to apply facial products onto the skin. Use a gently sweeping action to apply skin products, making sure to gently massage the face until the product is absorbed.



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@Mme Sasha - Unless you have great looking skin already, it probably just means you haven't found the right product. My skin acts the same way and organic products work best. I use a lot of citrus products and my skin is now very soft and smooth.

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I have very sensitive facial skin and have found if I only wash my face in the shower in the morning, it looks the best. If I use any kind of product my skin breaks out.

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