What Are the Effects of the Sun on Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin reacts quickly to the heat and the cold and therefore is prone to both sunburn and windburn. It is usually dry and can also be sensitive to detergents, cosmetics and alcohol. There is a tendency toward allergic and irritant reactions to both products and the environment. The effects of the sun on sensitive skin include reddening, itching and feeling tight.

There are four types of sensitive skin: acne; rosacea; burning and stinging; and contact dermatitis. There are some who believe that the effect of the sun on sensitive skin prone to acne is a beneficial one, but this has not been proven. While there may be a temporary clearing of the problem, in the long term the sun may cause irritation which then makes the acne worse.

Rosacea is a chronic disorder of the skin usually characterized by redness on the face that comes and goes. This may eventually lead to a ruddier complexion, which is a more persistent problem that can result in blood vessels appearing and visible lumps and bumps on the skin. Exposure to the sun can result in flare-ups and may be responsible to some degree for the appearance of the blood vessels associated with the disorder. Extra precautions should be taken because of this.

The effect of the sun on sensitive skin that is prone to burning and stinging is that it brings on these symptoms. The exact reasons for this type of condition are not known, but depending on the severity, it can have an impact on quality of life. As there are no products available to ease the symptoms, it is best not to irritate the condition through sun exposure.

Contact dermatitis is the fourth type of sensitive skin. There are two types of irritations, the first being allergens and the second being irritants. Exposure to the sun usually results in some damage to the skin, so it is best to avoid it if the skin is already in an irritated state. The sun's rays penetrate the skin, and overexposure can damage or kill skin cells.

Sun-sensitive skin means skin that burns in the sun. The impact of the sun on sensitive skin is soon evident in the reddening known as sunburn. Any reddening of the skin means that there has been damage to the skin. People with any type of skin should use sunscreen before going out, but this is even more important for those with sensitive skin.


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