How Do I Choose the Best Pore Toner?

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Choosing the best pore toner depends upon skin type, history of skin allergies, and budget. A pore toner is a facial preparation or cleanser that is effective in removing grime, oil, and dirt from the skin and pores. In addition, a pore toner is sometimes referred to as an astringent or facial freshener. Minimizing pores is one of the major benefits of using a pore toner, which is typically formulated for use on dry, oily, or normal skin.

Many skin toners are alcohol based, and although effective in cleansing an oily complexion, they may be too strong for those with dry or combination skin types. People with combination skin type have both dry skin and oily skin. Areas of the face most affected by oil include the forehead, chin, and sides of the nose. Many pore toners contain moisturizers to help relieve dry skin and restore moisture.

Cleaning the pores is an important step in a daily skin care routine. Although using a pore toner is not always necessary, it can be beneficial in maintaining a fresh, clear complexion. After cleansing the skin with a pore toner, it is often recommended to follow-up with a moisturizing cream, even though many skin toners contain emollients. Using hypoallergenic products can reduce the risk of allergic reaction and irritation.


Toners are commonly available at drug stores and department store cosmetic counters. The price range for toners varies widely, and typically those purchased at drug stores are less expensive than those found at department stores. Many high quality toners, however, are very moderately priced and do a fine job of cleansing and conditioning the skin. To further cut costs, the skin toner should be used only a couple of days per week to lengthen the time between purchases.

Even though most skin toners are designed to be mild, they can cause skin reactions such as redness, dryness, and flakiness. When reactions occur, the use of the product should be discontinued. In addition, if the skin reaction does not resolve after a few days, a physician should be consulted. Witch hazel is a very effective astringent and can be used as a pore toner. It is gentle, and inexpensive. This astringent has been used for many years to treat minor skin irritations and even hemorrhoids.



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