How Do I Choose the Best Personal Secretary Jobs?

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Choose the best personal secretary jobs by considering those that best match the industry you want to work in and those that match your skill set. You may also want to seriously consider jobs offering the work hours and pay scale you desire. Other considerations for choosing a personal secretary job include whether or not the job offers employee benefits and opportunities for advancement. You may also want to consider any commitments you will be expected to make in terms of travel and working on holidays. While researching jobs, searching for those that allow you to work from home may also be a good way of determining which types of personal secretary jobs are the best.

Also known as administrative assistants, personal secretaries work in a variety of industries. In order to choose one that is best for you, consider personal secretary jobs that are offered in the business enterprise you believe best fits your personality and that you will enjoy working in. If you have considerable experience in a certain industry, even if you did not work in an administrative capacity, you may want to consider personal secretary jobs in that area, as you likely have an understanding of certain aspects of that enterprise that may be useful to you as a personal secretary.


Personal secretary jobs generally require abilities such as typing, filing, greeting clients and exhibiting good telephone etiquette. These types of jobs also require a strong attention to detail and above-average organizational skills. You may have additional skills, however, such as authoring reports or web design skills that may be an asset to an employer. Choosing secretarial jobs that match your particular skill set will likely bring you greater job satisfaction.

Many personal secretary jobs require employees to work odd hours, and some jobs only offer part-time hours. Consider jobs with hours that coincide with your availability and desired work schedule. It may also benefit you to take into consideration any opportunities to advance to other, better paying positions. Perks such as being able to work at home part of the time or full time should also be carefully weighed. Take time to calculate the total monthly salary offered by an employer for the hours worked and any additional employee benefits offered, such as medical and dental care, to help you arrive at a decision about which job is the best one for you.

It is not unusual for some employers to expect personal secretaries to perform duties generally assigned to other personal staff. This may include organizing personal events, shopping and other tasks often performed by other personal assistants. Many also involve traveling alone or with an employer. All of these factors should be considered as you are deciding which personal secretary jobs are right for you. Your final job selection should be one that you can perform your best in and that offers you the greatest benefit and satisfaction.



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