How do I Become a Private Secretary?

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If you want to become a private secretary, it is important to know what skills and experience is needed. One of the first things you should do is polish skills such as data entry, filing, and dictation. You may want to take a few classes at a local community college in order to obtain these skills. Apply for jobs as an administrative assistant or personal assistant in order to gain valuable experience.

A high school diploma is typically all the education needed to become a private secretary, but college classes can be helpful. Check with schools in your area to see if they offer secretarial courses. Look for classes that will help you learn data entry and use both word processing and spreadsheet software. Courses in business communications and accounting could also be helpful.

Begin looking for administrative positions in order to gain on-the-job experience. Administrative assistants typically perform clerical work for lower and middle-level managers, while personal secretaries may work for corporate executives. Working at an entry-level position can help you enter an organization where you can later become a private secretary.

Consider taking a job as an errand runner or personal assistant. Look for agencies that do grocery shopping or bill paying for their clients. Since the work of a private secretary can sometimes be personal in nature, having references from people who have trusted you to conduct their personal business can be helpful when you are called for a private secretary interview.


Apply for work at several temporary agencies. Tell the recruiters you meet that you would like to become a private secretary. Work a variety of temporary assignments until you are comfortable doing this type of work. After that, ask the agency to place you in a position that will lead to full-time, permanent employment.

Check with non-profit organizations to see if they need volunteers with clerical experience. Try to find a position where you can be primarily responsible for answering the telephone and setting appointments. Ask the director of the organization for a letter of recommendation after you have established a rapport with her.

Prepare yourself for the interview by learning a little about the company and the individual you will be directly reporting to. Take a copy of your resume with you, and remember to proofread it in advance in order to check for errors. Practice going through the interview with a friend so you will not be nervous when talking to the hiring manager. By doing these things, you can be well on your way to reaching your goal of working as a private secretary.



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