What does a Company Secretary do?

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A good company secretary is able to perform a number of tasks. One of the most basic responsibilities of a company secretary is making sure that the daily operations of the company run smoothly and without difficulty. Additionally, a person working in this role must be able to complete written reports in a timely manner, supervise others, and travel for meetings both near and far. In some cases, a company secretary may be required to gain additional knowledge in a particular area. This knowledge can be gained through on-the-job training from co-workers or a manager.

One of the most important responsibilities of a company secretary is to ensure that the basic daily operations of a company run smoothly. For example, a secretary may be required to schedule and reschedule appointments and answer phone calls. He or she may also be required to coordinate meetings among staff members, potential clients, and many others.

Often, company secretaries are also asked to complete written reports. These written reports may include letters, presentations, memos, emails, and other similar items. In many cases, the secretary is also the one who makes sure that these items reach their final destination, whether to a different department in the office, or across the country.


A company secretary may also be required to work in a supervisory role. In many cases, he or she must serve as the director of other secretaries on staff. A company secretary may supervise junior members of the staff whose positions are not necessarily secretarial, but may be related. For example, a receptionist, file clerk, and legal aid may all work under the supervision of a company secretary.

Often, a company secretary is required to travel for meetings with a manager. While these meetings may, in some cases, simply be across the street, at other times travel requirements may be significant. Typically, during travel, the secretary is required to take notes, prepare presentations, and ensure that travel accommodations are prepared.

Depending on the location in which they work, some company secretaries may be required to have additional training. For example, those who work in the legal arena may be required to have basic law knowledge, while those working in the medical field may need to have a basic understanding of medical issues. Often, those with little knowledge can gain on-the-job training through their managers or co-workers.



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