How Do I Become a Junior Secretary?

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A junior secretary performs basic clerical duties as an assistant to a senior secretary or office manager. In order to become a junior secretary, you must possess good spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills. You should also complete some type of specialized vocational training during high school. Many employers prefer to hire candidates with an associate’s degree from a community college or technical institute. After graduation, you will probably need to work in an entry-level position to gain some practical experience before you become a junior secretary.

A number of different skills are needed to become a junior secretary. These professionals are often responsible for composing written documents and must have very good spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills. You will also need good communication and interpersonal skills to interact well with clients and customers. As a junior secretary, you must be versatile enough to quickly adapt to changing situations. In addition to these qualities, you should be well-organized and be able to perform several different tasks at the same time.


In order to succeed in this career, you will probably need to complete some type of specialized vocational training. It is best to complete this training is during high school by taking courses in typing and basic computer skills. Some high schools also offer a comprehensive, two-year program that allows students to learn a wide variety of clerical skills. These programs offer instruction in the use of common office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, and multi-line telephones. Classes in bookkeeping, filing, and electronic data storage are usually offered as well.

Certain employers may want you to have some type of technical training or college degree or before acquiring a job in this field. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer a two-year associate’s degree program that teaches basic office skills. These programs generally offer more in-depth training than high school vocational classes and provide a good foundation for more complex duties. It is a good idea to choose a field of specialty such as commercial, legal, or medical work before enrolling in college. This will allow you to tailor your formal education to the exact type of work that you will be doing after graduation.

Before you become a junior secretary, you will need to gain some practical work experience. The best way to accomplish this is to take an entry-level position as a receptionist or file clerk. This type of job will help you gain valuable experience performing basic office duties such as using computers, copiers, and business telephone systems. After you become more adept at these tasks, apply for a position as a junior secretary. It may be possible to become a senior secretary or office manager with increased experience and education.



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