How Do I Choose the Best Secretary Job?

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There are several factors to consider when you are looking for the best secretary job, starting with the kind of secretary you want to be. You need to know the skills you will be required to have and the kind of work environment you want. The possibility of career advancements, any required certifications, and what kind of pay you want to receive as a secretary also will factor into choosing the best job for your needs.

Deciding what kind of secretary you want to be is the first step in choosing the best job. An executive secretary in business may work directly for a manager or board member, generally will handle confidential matters that require discretion, and typically is a long-term employee with a high level of skills. An administrative assistant may have an entry-level position or one high enough on the career ladder to justify having a personal secretary who can deal with lesser tasks. All of these require specific skills and personality traits. Secretaries in the legal and medical fields also must have specific qualifications, including familiarity with complex terminology and at least a basic understanding of the field, while technical secretaries often must be able to help write scientific papers and requests for funding.


Once you have determined your field of interest, your next consideration in picking a secretary job is how your skill set will fit within jobs in that field. Most secretaries need to be able to use basic office equipment, including a multi-line phone and computers. Strong written and verbal communication skills also are considered must-have skills for secretaries. Jobs in some fields will require specific certifications to prove you're familiar with the work the job entails.

When you are trying to choose the best secretary job, you also need to consider the work environment you want. If you prefer to be the team leader, then you likely will want to look for a job that offers you the chance to lead. You also may prefer a job in a more-laid-back environment that is not highly stressful. If you want nothing to do with a traditional office, then you also may consider working from home as a freelance secretary, or virtual assistant.

You also may want to think about the kind of career you hope to have. If you are just starting your secretarial career, then you may find that working at a fast-paced, large company is too intimidating. Smaller companies usually offer a great deal of experience but may not offer much opportunity for advancement. In contrast, many larger companies allow secretaries to advance to executive assistant or management positions.

The pay you want also can help you choose the best secretary job for your needs. Larger companies usually pay their secretaries more, and any certifications you hold will command a larger salary. The area in which you live also will factor into your pay. A virtual assistant can normally set his or own rate based on the cost of living in his or her area.



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