How Do I Choose the Best Optometrist?

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Choose an optometrist who does thorough examinations that include color and depth perception tests as well as screenings for eye diseases such as glaucoma. If you have a condition such as diabetes in which eye health is strongly related, try to choose an optometrist with a background in that certain disease. Optometrists don't do surgery themselves, but they do refer patients to opthomologists and other eye specialists, so having referrals to the best ones should be your goal.

Asking your family doctor for a referral is a great idea for finding a qualified optometrist in your area. He or she will be familiar with any condition you have that may require additional eye examinations, screenings or treatment. Your doctor may have opthomologists and eye specialists that he or she recommends as well, even if they still must be officially referred by optometrists.

Asking friends and family for optometrists they've seen and found to be thorough and pleasant to deal with can be a good way of finding a professional manner that suits you. If you tend to be nervous or skittish about going to see any type of doctor, then it can be especially important to look for qualified optometrists who have a calm, professional demeanor. You may also want to phone the office and speak with the receptionist about the hours the optometrist works to be sure they mesh with your schedule.


While you shouldn't choose an optometrist based on location alone, finding one that you can get to easily, either from work or home, is best. If you're considering different optometrists mainly for eyeglasses, you may want to visit the location informally first to see its collection of glasses as well as the prices. While you wouldn't have to choose eyeglasses from a particular optometrist's location just because you've received the prescription from there, it can save you time if you're able to do so.

Finding names of optometrists in your area in a directory then researching them on the Internet may help you narrow your choices. Make sure the optometrists you're considering are in good standing with professional associations and consumer protection groups. Look for any negative patient reviews on medical patient ratings websites for medical professionals in your area. Compare the ratings and read the comments to give you a better idea of which professional to choose, but keep in mind that not all people are going to be satisfied with every quality in an optometrist.



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