How do I Choose the Best Eye Doctor?

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Eye care is very important no matter what a person's age, so having a good eye doctor is vital. It may take time to find the right one, but it's worth it to locate a good match. Taking several things into consideration, including credentials, reputation, prices and offered services, can help when choosing the best eye doctor.

The first step is deciding on the type of eye doctor you need. There are two types to consider: an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. An optometrist has the credentials OD, not MD, which means Doctor of Optometry and not Doctor of Medicine. While optometrists are trained to diagnose and treat eye diseases and conditions, an ophthalmologist has more training and can do all that as well as perform a wider range of treatment, such as eye surgery.

When choosing an eye doctor, it's best to choose one who specializes in the specific eye problem you have. For example, choose one who has a specialization in treating cataracts or glaucoma. It can allow for more tailored treatment according to your specific needs.


For those interested in vision correction surgery, it's essential to carefully review the success rate of the doctor under consideration. It's also best to review the entire procedure and make a list of questions pertaining to the specific surgery, such as how many people he or she has treated successfully, as well as the required treatments before and after surgery. Being well-informed can be one of the best tools to have in choosing the best eye doctor.

Another way to choose the best eye doctor is to ask about pricing. There are many instances where doctors are equally qualified but one charges more than another for the same services. If money is an issue, ask about those who have payment plans available. For those with insurance, review the list of doctors that come with the insurance handbook for "in-network" options.

When choosing an eye doctor, one of the best ways to come up with options or a final choice is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Personal reviews from trusted sources can be an excellent way to learn about the doctor's practice, personality and treatment of patients. Taking the time to ask around for options as well as doing the proper research and asking questions can help you find the best eye doctor.



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