How do I Become an Optometrist Assistant?

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One way you can become an optometrist assistant is to complete a one- to two-year training course at a local technical school. You might also want to complete an internship with an eye doctor in your area. You could also receive on-the-job training from an optometrist or experienced eye doctor assistant.

As a first step, you can check into local colleges in your area. Talk with an admissions representative and tell him you would like to become an optometrist assistant, and ask if there is a training program at this institution that might prepare you for this endeavor. Some classes you might want to consider taking include mathematics, medical office billing and scheduling.

You might also want to find out if the college you are considering has a job placement program. Ask whether or not they provide assistance with creating a resume and preparing for a job interview as well. You may also want to know if they provide references to local optometrists or if they participate in networking events.

Many times, a college may set up an internship for you at a local eye doctor's office. This can be a good way to get valuable work experience and make contacts in your chosen field. You might also want to check with local employment offices to see if they can recommend an optometrist who regularly makes use of interns.

Temporary employment agencies can sometimes offer one of these positions. If you would like to become an optometrist assistant, you might first want to check with one of these services first. Landing one of these jobs could not only give you valuable experience, but could also open the door to a full-time, permanent position later. Agencies also can give you a good idea of what kinds of education credentials you'll need.

If you know someone who works in an eyeglass laboratory or eye doctor's office, you might want to ask them what the best way to become an optometrist assistant might be. They might be able to relay their own experience in doing so and advise steps for you to take in order to achieve this goal. This person may also have inside knowledge of job openings.

Many times, an eye doctor might hire workers with little or no experience. This could mean you might be able to receive on-the-job training while learning to become an optometrist assistant. This could be under the direction of an experienced worker or the eye doctor himself.



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