How do I Choose the Best Nail Polish Kit?

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It may not be necessary to bear the expense of purchasing your nail products individually. Instead, you can buy a nail polish kit that includes several of the items you need. Before you make a purchase, however, there are things to consider, such as the types and the quality of the products included and the price.

All nail polish kits are not the same. To begin with, some kits simply offer a variety of nail colors and others offer nail care products. If you need a collection of colors and you also need items such as nail base coat or hardener, you may be able to find a larger nail polish kit. It may also include tools such as files, clippers, and cuticle sticks. Try to get as much as possible in a single kit.

It is important to consider the quality of the contents of the nail polish kit. First, if you have problems with your nails such as brittleness or splitting, you will want to make sure you get effective solutions. Some of the products in nail kits are of substandard quality and are not likely to solve your problems.


Second, you need to be especially aware of the quality of certain nail polish colors. Many look nice in their bottles but when you paint them onto your fingernails you will find problems such as inconsistent color or texture. This causes people to use much more nail polish than they normally would, if they can tolerate using it at all. Examples of colors that may have this problem include black, neon colors, and neutral colors.

Make sure the items in the nail polish kit are worth the price. If, for example, XTZ Polish costs $2 US Dollars (USD) per bottle, five bottles should cost $10 USD. If a nail polish kit with five XTZ Polish bottles costs $12 USD, this means you are likely paying for the packaging. Decide if it is worth it.

Determining the value of a nail polish kit also includes assessing the size of the bottles it contains. Some kits actually contain sample size bottles. This means you may be able to paint your nails a few times, but any one given item is likely to be finished quickly. One of the best ways to help ensure value for your money is by purchasing a nail polish kit that has products you are familiar with.



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